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  • Bella Abouelkheir

God Above

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Bella Abouelkheir | 7 April 2020

Bella is a a third-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine with a B.S. in Chemistry. She hopes to complete a pediatrics residency and then sub-specialize in pediatric critical care to become a pediatric intensivist.

Walking along the abandoned sidewalk outside my home,

I think about corona and all it's taken away:

I think about the careers on hold,

The reprioritizing of life,

The definition of essential,

And the complete loss of control

With which our lives are rife.

Where a virus too small to see

Wipes out the land as far as the eye can see.

I think about the fear that grips everyone's heart

Like a vice, When their loved one starts to cough

And shiver as if with ice.

And my heart cries, "Lord, why?

Do you do this, just to see us try?

Do you do this just to see us fly,

Like crazy people at a loss for what to do?"

But...surely not,

That's just not like You.

Or is it?

The God of the Old Testament

Seems like One who would let this be.

He seems to smite His people with plagues,

Bringing harsh punishments,

And causing life to fall into disarray

When the people stumble from His way.

But the God of the New Testament,

He seems to be different.

He says, "Come what may, be of good cheer

For I have overcome whatever draws near."

"Come all you who are heavy laden," says He,

"So that your rest I may be."

So then...why the discrepancy?

If You are the same yesterday and tomorrow,

Why is my heart filled with such sorrow?

Lord, why do you bring us to this wilderness?

An ocean full of isolation and illness.

Why would you force us to slow down?

Could it perhaps be to hear the sound

Of your voice with mine own ear?

The still, small one

That's been talking for years,

The one that wants to take away all of my fears?

Lord, if you are the same,

You must be acting in the pattern told by your fame.

So then, If the past is any guide,

We are in for quite the wild ride.

In whatever Testament we choose to look

There is a testimony in every nook of Scripture:

Of your love and the tools to show it

Even though we might not know it.

Lord, even from the start,

From the beginning we see you impart

The knowledge of your ways

So much higher than we could ever appraise.

There, in the midst of the garden,

You planted the seed for our pardon.

Though we betrayed thee by eating from the tree

You told Eve to flee, for her own sake

That she may return, in time,

To partake of you forever.

Thus you showed Yourself strong to Your creation,

Enacting the tools of our salvation

From the beginning.

To the Israelites too, you revealed your power.

So that, in their repentant hour,

They would return

And remember,

That despite being an offender,

To them You would still reveal your splendor.

In this way, they could remain in your fold,

Your children

What a wonder to behold!

Perhaps even the wilderness you use to touch

The human soul to meet with her such:


Before sending her off with her special mission

To a specific place.

Moses you met on the mountain alone

To give hime a tome of how to live life,

The way you designed

So that we would always

Keep you in mind.

St. Paul to Arabia you led for years three,

To prepare him to share the Gospel

Of who he now knew you to be.

Even in the example of Hosea we see,

Him drawing his wife into the wilderness to be

Alone together. His wife no longer to roam,

That he may serve her in the solitude of their home.

The Shulamite too, in that Song of Songs,

You've drawn away to minister and heal all her wrongs.

Even though, when through her door she heard your knock,

She remained in her seat, not moving, as if a rock.

We, like her, are dark but lovely,

Lost in the waves of the sea

Of our own sins.

Always searching,

Searching for a win

That would take away the reality of shame

And all the heaps of guilt and blame

We carry upon ourselves.

So, with our keys on our shelves,

Untouched because of the need to stay inside

Take shelter and hide

In the embrace of the Creator

Who desires you to be

In the arms of the one who made thee.

He is not far away, but draws near

To give a listening ear,

All your cares to hear,

And all your hairs to number,

To protect you while you slumber.

To speak: "Comfort, yes comfort my people

Although the doors beneath the steeple

Are closed for a short time

This period, we can still make sublime

For I am not simply God above,"

"I am your

God of love."

"Jesus Himself drew near and went with them." (Luke 24:15)


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