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  • Fr. Samuel Varghese

Sexuality and Society: Defining Love in Modern Times [December Webinar]

We are excited for you to join our OCCM Webinar Series! For the December webinar, we are blessed and honored to have Father Samuel Varghese, priest of the Malankara Orthodox Church from Los Angeles, California as our guest speaker this month.

Topic: Sexuality and Society: Defining Love in Modern Times

About Our Speaker: Father Samuel Varghese currently serves as the assistant vicar of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California. Father Samuel earned his Master of Divinity from the Orthodox Theological Seminary in Kottayam, India. From 2011-2018, Father Samuel served as the youth minister for the Western region, before being ordained to the priesthood in 2018. He still serves as a youth minister for St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church in San Francisco.



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